Sound in the Workplace | Oasis Berco + Logison Sound Masking

The modern workplace is an ever-changing landscape. Trends come and go, but it seems like open, collaborative office environments are here to stay. Open floorplan workspaces have so many benefits (more light, employee connectivity, increased productivity), but they’re equally loud, reverberant and lacking in privacy.

That’s where we come in, with two different lines for your acoustical and privacy needs. Oasis Berco offers stand alone, acoustically treated booths, collaboration rooms and meeting pods with a variety of textile options to fit your brand specifications.

Just as flexible, but more in the acoustical tech space, there is Sound Masking from Logison. This system is a grid of speakers to help control ambient noise which improves speech privacy, noise, and ulitmately productivity.

Oasis Berco | Soft + Linear

Two lines, Oasis Linear + Oasis Soft, offer stylish, flexible and cost-effective privacy solutions. Choose from the Phone Booth, Duo and Team Pods, and Team Booth designs in a variety of finishes, colors, and styles.

Linear Phone Booth

Providing a peaceful environment for phone calls or video conferences, the Oasis Linear Phone Booth is designed with your office in mind. Equipped with top-of-the-line acoustically absorbent materials, LED lighting, and an air circulation fan, the space is practical and private, and made even more comfortable with the option to stand or sit. Unlike other systems, the Oasis Linear phone booth has no base and stands directly on your office floor for no trip hazard, quick installation, and easy relocation.

Linear Duo + Team Pod

Space for collaboration or private one-to-ones is always hard to find in a modern, open plan office environment; Oasis Linear Duo and Team Pods are the ideal solution. Fully enclosed units with a ceiling and glass rear wall, pods stay light, airy, and fresh, yet private. With no compromise on comfort, the pods include top-of-the-line acoustically absorbent materials, an LED ceiling light, air circulation fan, and an occupancy sensor.

Linear Team Booth

A room for your every need, the Oasis Linear Team Booth is completely versatile, with uses from small group work to presentations, video conferencing to break out room, or even a space for personal reflection, yoga, or meditation.
Space for three or more people, the open-front booth is enclosed with a full ceiling for privacy and the option to include glass panels, fitted workspaces, or low back sofas.

Sound Masking by Logison

Originally used in offices and call centers, sound masking now benefits all kinds of industries including healthcare, banking, military facilities, libraries, and hospitality.

In many environments that require speech privacy, employee concentration, or both, there’s simply not enough background sound (or ambient sound), leaving occupants trying to work in a pin-drop environment. In fact, the background sound level in most offices is so low you can easily hear conversations and noise from up to 50 feet away.

These distractions make it difficult to concentrate. It takes more effort to focus, which tires you out, affecting your mood and, ultimately, your productivity. What’s more, confidential conversations can easily be overheard, making employees and visitors nervous about talking.

At its most basic, a sound masking system consists of a series of loudspeakers installed in a grid-like pattern in the ceiling, as well as a method of controlling those speakers’ output. The loudspeakers distribute an engineered background sound, raising the facility’s ambient level in a highly controlled fashion.

Benefits of Sound Masking

  • Noise control
  • Speech privacy
  • Improved productivity
  • Lower project costs
  • Facility flexibility
  • Quick ROI
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